String Thong Bikini

Heat up the summer by wearing a string thong bikini to the beach or pool party.  This kind of swimsuit flatters the wearer by enhancing one’s body.  However, do not expect too much coverage and support from this bikini, for it enhances the body by baring more of what you’ve got instead of hiding them.  If you are the type who has board-flat abs, killer curves, and sky-high confidence, then this type of strappy swimwear may just be the one for you.  Mind, however, that this may not be appropriate to be worn in some public beaches and pools.  But for private pool or beach parties or any photo shoot, indeed, this is one of the best choices.

This type of bikini is generally a type of garment that was initially used to provide a little decency for nudists.  Despite covering the front or crotch area, it exposes the rear part.  There are many types of such beachwear pieces, but one type in particular that has tickled the fancies of many men and women alike are the string varieties.  This summer wear has more cords than cloth.  It does not bare all, but more often than not complements and enhances the curves.  Now that thongs seem to be enjoying greater popularity, it now comes in many different designs to be worn in sandy beaches or private pools.  They also have varied sizes for different body types as well as colors to fit the skin tone.  As the rule of the thumb, also go for that perfect fit.


The front part of this piece is connected to a smaller swatch of cloth at the back by a strap that sits in between the buttocks.  Its signature style has become popular and are often featured in some magazines.  This type of swimwear is still accepted in some public beaches and swimming areas, depending also on the opacity of the fabric used.


This style of swimsuit only makes use of one triangle piece of cloth to cover the front part of the crotch.  The strap still goes all the way to the back in between the buttocks.  Instead of connecting the front part to a smaller patch of fabric at the back, the flimsy, thread-like fabric splits into two, forming an apex that serves as the waistband.  This type of bottoms can also come in tie-side and pull-on varieties, the choice of which would mostly likely depend on personal preference for style and comfort.