Mini Micro Thong Bikini

They say that great things come in small packages, and so with a mini micro thong bikini, you will surely be in for a big surprise.  A thong-style mini micro swimsuit emphasizes your killer curves and hot body.  Despite its long name, this summer wear covers very little of one’s body.  If you are looking to just walk and pose along the beach instead of swimming and enjoying the waters, then this type of beachwear could be most suitable for you.  A lot of women also choose to be seen wearing this while sunbathing.  Though a mini micro thong may raise some eyebrows, there are some benefits to wearing this skimpy swimwear.


Get maximum exposure for tanning

Women who want to have the flawless sun-kissed look may consider wearing a mini micro bathing suit to the beach.  Since this kind of swimwear makes use of tiny swatches of cloth for coverage, there is more area that can be exposed to the sun and to scrutiny as well.  Some types of thongs can also be made of fabric that allow you to tan through and through without having to go bare.  With this, you can say good bye to hideous tan and panty lines.

No need to fidget or adjust

The thing about bikini bottoms is that they they can cause discomfort and an unsightly picture when you keep on adjusting them.  Instead of constantly tugging and pulling your bottom in place, why reveal more flesh with a thong?  This way, you will no longer need to worry about adjusting that wedgie all the time.

Enjoy easier ventilation

The lower garments are usually skin tight, trapping in moisture and harboring possibly harmful bacteria that may lead to infection.  With this swimwear, the risk is reduced because of its design that allow more room to breathe.  Having the proper ventilation in that area allows the fabric to dry through and through, making one feel more comfortable as well.

Thongs for fashion-forward individuals

It is not the skimpy tops and bottoms that make for that fashionable summer look, but it is the confidence of the wearer that makes them look good.  Of course, if you have the toned abs and curves to die for, then a mini micro lower garment can best highlight these features.  Do not be afraid to be stared at and just think about how you can get a better tan and feel sexy under the summer sun in your two-piece.