Micro G-String Bikini

Show them what you’ve got by wearing a micro G-string bikini to the beach or pool.  Surely, the heat will not be coming from the sun alone but also from smoldering stares of some hunks and perhaps the jealous ire of their girlfriends as well.  This piece has been conceived to provide some decency for nudist dancers back in the early days.  Now, it is seen as one of the sexiest items of clothing that can certainly heat up the beach this summer.  This beachwear is also a popular choice when sunbathing or just lounging by the pool.


This type of bottom usually has a moderately-sized swatch of cloth that provides ample coverage to the crotch area.  The front part is secured by a string that sits in the middle of the buttocks and is connected to a smaller triangle of cloth that sits on the tailbone.  If such garments are enough already to cause a small commotion, then the teeny versions of these swimwear will definitely cause more than just an uproar.  A tinier version of this actually uses tinier swatches of cloth that barely covers the whole pubic area.  Instead, it only has a tiny scrap of cloth that hides the most essential area of the crotch.  You will definitely see more string than cloth in this type of swimsuit.

Fabric type

Tiny bottoms come in wide variety of fabrics.  For beachwear that can be worn even for swimming, good old spandex and nylon can hold up pretty well.  However, those who want to have a little more fun can opt for fabrics such as see through mesh that will definitely keep the boys waiting for you to come up for air or emerge from the water after your swim.  Some designs also use sheer when wet as well as sheer when dry fabrics.

If you would rather just stay on dry land, ultra-revealing lower garments can also be made out of different kinds of fabric that will definitely enhance your figure.  Metallic fabrics are popular materials used in micro swimsuits that will definitely make you shine and stand out.  For those who want the peek-a-boo effect without having to get wet, crocheted G-string tops and bottoms can do the job for you.  Some designer G-strings also make use of different types of fabric with different textures that will surely flatter your figure.  Sterling silver, steel, and studded pendants are also featured in some swimwear designs that use accessories.