Mesh Thong Bikini

Slip into a mesh thong bikini if you want to get that perfect tan but do not want to go all out.  This piece can definitely turn a lot of heads, but one made out of mesh or see through fabric will definitely kick up the heat a few more notches.  Just be prepared to be scorched not by just the sun, but also with the smoldering stares of viewers if you strut your stuff in a sexy beachwear made of webbed materials.  Though this may seem to have more fabric than micro mini swimsuits, this fabric do much for coverage.

Sheer when wet

As if strappy panties are not enough to be stared out when coming out of the water or simply lying on the sand, wearing one made out of mesh can have men lining up, waiting for you to resurface.  Sheer when wet beachwear may seem like swatches of cloth at first but then reveal their allure (and most of your intimate parts) once you come up for air after wading in water.  Bathing suits made out of this kind of special fabric appear opaque when dry or have patterns that would show the true nature of the swimsuit.

Sheer even when dry

For those who like to tease and give it all out anyway, swimming apparel made out of sheer even when dry materials may be for you.  You do not need to get wet just to get attention.  Even when just basking in the sun, you can reveal as much as you like.  This kind of bathing suit covers your intimate parts with just a shadow of fabric that accentuates more than shields.  You may have trouble wearing this type of swimwear in some public beaches and pools.  It would be best to slip these on during private events or intimate dates with your loved one.

Derriere exposure

Dare to bare your behind with thong bikinis that usually have minimal to maximum exposure while keeping your private parts at front safely or tastefully hidden from view.  Thongs can have moderately-sized to teeny pieces of cloth that rest just above the tailbone.  There are also bikini bottoms that use only strings that enhance more than cover the backside.  If that is not enough to keep the summer sizzling hot, then look for those made of webbed materials that will certainly flatter the figure.  With the use of this type of cloth, you can bear it all with your two-piece swimsuit.