Micro Thong Bikini

A micro thong bikini gives one that tanned to perfection look that granny panties and even the tiniest Brazilian cut bottoms cannot provide.  These barely there swatches of cloth give maximum exposure that will surely keep all the boys looking as you let your parts bask in the warmth of the sun.  Though regular pieces will let you be cheeky in a moderate manner, the teeny-weeny versions of these swimsuits let wearers showcase more than an eyeful.  Despite the obvious lack of coverage, many women who are brave enough to bare all in public (or out in the sun at least) choose these sexy beachwear items for their summer getaway.

There are two things to consider when choosing a swimwear: the extent of coverage of the front and the exposure of the back parts.

Frontal exposure

Tiny panties provide the much-needed protection or coverage to the frontal part of a swimwear even though the rest of the outfit reveals most of the body.  There are cuts that fully cover the groin area, while there are some that go as thin as a string to hide that essential fold of skin.  But despite the intention to cover up some necessary parts of the body, the front part of a the bikini bottom can also attract attention.  Some women go for full or moderate coverage, using fabrics that range from opaque to sheer.  These not only hide, but rather emphasize and invite the observer to probe or stare longer.  There are a variety of styles for the front part of a micro thong bottom such as asymmetrical, sheer, string, adjustable, and teardrop.

Baring bottoms

The thong bikini has been regarded as a kind of swimsuit that gives shape to bottom of the wearer, while providing that protection and coverage.  There are varieties of this teeny swimwear that despite covering up the front part, the back almost bears it all.  A typical thong two piece ensemble may have a moderately-sized triangle of cloth that sits just above or the middle of one’s bottom.  A micro version, however, would this cloth into a tiny pyramid that sits right above one’s behind, exposing everything at the back for everyone to see.  If this is a bit too much, then there are strings that do very little to cover but do a lot in emphasizing the assets.  The best thing to remember when looking for this kind of bikini bottom is to go for the perfect fit for the top and bottom.

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Micro Thong Bikini